This is a poem written for a dear friend who has passed on from this life.
I only knew her as Bama, but god, was she a fighter.
She gave me strength to face battles
in my own life, and I’m sure she gave others the same strength.

May you always look down
with the wings of an eagle.

"When Heaven Call's"

A life spent mostly in pain, but with a love for life
A wish for it all to end, but a love for life it’s self

When you have only your life to lose
When you only have a short time

You live life to the fullest you can
You live for every second, every hour, and every day

Life gets so hard to stand, then you gather your strength
Life’s’ love gives you the strength you need to carry on

To love the people you love most in life
To love the family and friends you loved

The fight for life isn’t just our own fight
The fight for life takes in the whole world

Your time has come my friend, to leave us, we enjoyed you here
Your life in heaven will smile on one and all here I know

From the wings of an eagle

Till we meet again my friend
Untill heaven call's

Good bye my very dear friend, enjoy a better life,
free of your mortal pain and suffering.

Richard B.

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