From a Breeze

A breeze gently tickles the water, as it moves along on its endless journey

The water giggles at the soft touch of the breeze, as it too travels endlessly onward

The breeze, enjoying this game, picking up speed, gusting across the water

Waves begin to form, laughing at the wind for being so playful on its never ending flight

The wind begins to howl with joy, and sends swirls over the water with its mirth

Waves grow larger, and begin to curl, as the wind pushes them along its random path

The wind begins to build, as clouds form from the moisture the wind sucks from the water

Waves begin to charge forth, shaking their frothy manes, as the wind pushes them with its building force

The sky grows darker, as the wind picks up speed, howling as it grows stronger

Waves grow larger, rolling along the surface, crashing, as they curl and toss in the wind

The wind builds to a rage, howling at nothing at all, as it gains strength screaming along its way

Waves grow larger and larger, as they try to keep up to the windís building fury

The clouds become darker and darker, as they take in more moisture from the water below

The thunder claps, and the clouds burst, shedding their excess moisture in torrents of driving rain

Flashes of lightning shooting down from the dark skies above, like arrows from the God's

Illuminating the growing waves below with an eerie light, as the strong wind pushes them onward

The bolts of lightning, exploding, as they hit the water, splashing, throwing it high into the air

Thunders deafening roar, rolling endlessly across the frothing seas below

Funnel clouds form, twisting their way down from the dark clouds above, to the frothing water below

They suck the water up like straws, taking hundreds of gallons into their swirling center

Adding it to the torrential rains already falling to the frothing sea below

The wind begins to tire, expending its pent up rage, the water spouts shink and dissipate

The waves however, are moving too fast now to just slow down like the wind

The wind slowly loses its rage, and again, becomes a playful breeze tickling the waves

The clouds begin to break up, the rain diminishes to nothing from the downpour it had been only moments before

The waves begin to slow, to lose their momentum, as they carry on their endless journey

The breeze gently tickles the water as it goes on its infinite journey

From a playful breeze....

Richard B.

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