Goodby is such an easy word to say, but it's meaning is so harsh.

Goodby is forever and forever should never be.

When love between two people is right, it should be right.

How do you go from saying  "I love you" to saying  "Goodby".

Goodby, maybe it's not such an easy word to say afterall.

Richard B.

"Hopes and Dreams."

I once knew a beauty, a beauty so grand

She had hair, shoulder length and brown

Her eye’s, to look into, where like pools of blue

A body, through my eye’s, a rose in full bloom

When I held her in my arms, the snows would melt

When we kissed, passions fires would alight

We shared a love so fine; I knew it was meant to be

No love I’ve had, could ever feel so right

One morning I woke to her walking away, leaving me,

alone, empty, standing there watching her go

I thought I was angry, but I was only blind

I did not see the signs that were right before my eyes

I remembered our talks, our very sad talks

She was young and needs to grow, in life

I hope she’s not left, empty, standing there alone

If this dose come to pass, would she remember me

I knew real love once, but only once, in my life

If she finds real love, I’ll be happy for her

If she doesn’t, I hope in her heart, she remembers me

But I know in my heart she never will

Richard B.

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