This poem was taken from a book, by Stephen Donaldson in the late 80's.
The book was from the Tomas Covenant trilogy, and I really liked
this poem, and the trilogy was worth reading as well.
In the book it is said the Auther is Uknown so thats what I am going with.

"Fare Well"

My heart has rooms that sigh with dust,

And ashes in the hearth.

They must be cleand and blowen away,

By day light's breath.

But I cannot essay the task,

For even dust to me is dear.

For dust and ashes still recall,

My love was here.

I know not how to say farewell,

When farewell is the word,

That stays alone for me to say,

Or will be heard.

But I cannot speak that word,

Or ever let my loved one go.
How can I bear it that these rooms,

Are empty so?

I sit among the dust and hope,

That dust will cover me.

I stir the ashes in the hearth,

Though cold they may be

I cannot bear to close the door,

To seal my loneliness away.

While dust and ashes yet remain,

Of my loves day

Auther Unknown

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