It was a real blizzard. It had been snowing for quite a while but the wind was picking up and it was coming down hard. After 14 hours out in 20 degrees below zero weather, and driving in this shit for two and a half hours, I was tired, cold, and hungry. "Glad I left the light on" I thought as I walked up to my door. The snow was drifting up against that door and just as I was going to kick it out of the way, I noticed an unusual lump up against the door towards the side that opened.

I knelt down on one knee and swept the snow aside to find a very small and very cold kitten." God this thing's gotta be frozen to death."   I picked the little bundle of fur up and took it into my place.  The kitten wasn't moving, I shook my head and laid the little body on a towel on the kitchen floor.&nbsn;"I'll get a box in the morning and give you a decent burial young fellow"

I went for my shower and then wrapped the little fur ball in the towel and placed it by the door right beside the register.   After supper I tried to sleep but it just wasn't going to happen.   "If I hadn't worked so late maybe I could have save the little bugger."   " Oh well you work all the time and you don't need a cat anyway.

"Dam."   I got up and went to the kitchen and picked up the bundle by the door.   To my surprise it moved.   I un-wrapped the kitten and it was, alive.  Not in very good shape but alive just the same.   I dried it off really well and took a blanket out of the closet.   I made a bed by the register and lay the little ball of white fur on top and put the towel around it to help keep it warm.

I did sleep after that.  It's funny how something so small can get into your head so fast.  As always I was up in a few hours and went to check my charge.  The kitten wasn't where I left it.  "Dam".  I look all over my apartment (it's a really small place) witch didn't take long.   No cat.  "That kit has to be somewhere in here!" and as I turned my bedroom light on there was the little fur ball laying on the bed looking at me.

"Well now aren't you the sly one Snow!  How did you manage that one?  Lets see if your hungry."  I didn't have anything a cat would eat that I could think of.   Milk yup.  And a search through the cupboards found a can of kippers.  Oh well cats do like fish I hoped.

Boy was that little guy hungry.   Ate the fish and drank the milk (no I didnít give it the whole can sheesh).  I took a look at this little ball of fur and discovered maybe I should be calling you girl instead of guy.  "It was late and I was tired ok."

I called work and told them I had to care for a sick friend and wouldn't be in for a couple of days.  When the stores opened up I went and got all the things I thought kittens would need to keep them happy litter box and litter, a toy, more milk and a couple of different kinds of cat food.

My new roommate made good progress and in the next day or two I was able to lever her alone while. I had to get back to work because I was the one who brought home the bacon so to speak.  She was becoming a good friend concidering that she should not have survivrd to start with.  I forgave her for scaring the crap out of me that night but thatís another story.

You may have read my story "I hate Cat's."  Well this was the same cat so you decide, do I or don't I.   If you haven't read "I hat Cats" then maybe you should lol.

Richard B.

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