"Fountain and a Sponge"

The fountain always flows
As my knowledge always grows

A sponge sucks up water
Like my students suck up knowledge

Richard B.

" The Sea of Dreams"

At fourteen years I looked outside

I saw a sea a sea of dreams

I snatched one up and held on tight

And four years hence I paid my penance
On that horrible, awful dream

But low and behold not a year unfolds
And I see that sea of dreams once more

I hesitate as I reach out, but grab one just the same

Seven years of honey do this before the nightmare ends

I sat aside for four or five to get myself together

Then one night as I walked outside
I see that sea once more

I looked and looked but never took until I was decided

Ten years had passed till I lost at last

The one dream I thought I cherished

Now at fifty years I shed no tears as I watch that sea go by

Then there she was, my summers dove the only dream I thought I needed

“You’re a fool old man if you think you can.” She said

And she turned and walked away

Now when I look outside and see that sea

I shake my head, and I turn, and walk away.

Richard B.

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