Below is a poem entitled
"Get a Receipt"
Once you read the Poem
I hope you will understand why
a recipt may be necessary.

"Get A Receipt!"

If you sell your heart, for love,
get a Receipt

I sold my heart, for love,
but forgot to get my receipt

When you sell your heart for love,
always get a receipt

Love isn't always real, it's often fickle,
or not very true, and

Someone ends up with a brken heart

Some time's it's real, but confused, someone still
ends up with a broken heart

Some time's it's problem's in one of your lives,
and this results in two broken hearts

Some time's it's just a lie, this is probably the worst,
there is only one broken heart

The one I don't understand, is the one that is real,
to both, but only one heart is broken

Once in a very long while there is real, true love,
that dosn't end up with any broken hearts

This of course is becoming very rare

When you sell your heart for love,
always get a receipt

You never know, when Someone is
going to break your heart.


Richard B.

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